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Volunteer Today

Volunteer with Keep York County Warm! to make a difference in your local community. Weatherizing homes help families reduce their energy costs and improve their health, safety and air quality inside the home for years to come. Help a family stay warm this winter!

To volunteer to help Keep York County Warm use our VolunteerUp app.

Window Measurement:

Attend an energy audit with the weatherization technicians or go with another volunteer to take measurements for storm window inserts. Install low flow devices, CO & Smoke detectors and LED bulbs.

Window Building:

Join us at our weatherization workshop to help custom build storm window inserts. We will teach you how to take precise measurements, cut the wood for the frame, drill pilot holes, and use a cordless drill-driver to assemble the window frames.

Window Wrapping:

Join us at our weatherization workshop or community wrapping days to take part in the window wrapping process. Use plastic wrap, tape, and hairdryers to create a tight and professional seal on the storm window inserts.

Window Installation:

Join us to install the storm window inserts. Apply weatherstripping to the windows to ensure a snug, draft-free fit.

For more information about volunteering or Adopting-a-Home or to donate weatherization materials, please contact us at or (207)-985-4850