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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ About the ReStore

A ReStore is a non-profit, retail business that utilizes donations from individuals, businesses, and manufacturers. Donations such as new and reusable appliances and building materials are cleaned, tested, and resold to the general public. The items are sold at 50-70% below market value benefiting families with homes in need of renovation and improved energy efficiency.
The ReStore revenues are used to support Habitat for Humanity York County's mission of building homes for hardworking, low income families in York County.
The ReStore is open Wednesday through Saturday from 9am-5pm. The ReStore can be contacted Wednesday through Saturday at 207-502-7021.
The ReStore is located at 4 Industrial Drive, Kennebunk, Maine 04043. Industrial Drive is off of US 1 (York St.) which is adjacent to Garrett Pillsbury, Heating and Plumbing.
The ReStore is open to the general public.
The ReStore accepts cash, credit card (Visa and Master Card), debit cards, money orders, and checks.
The ReStore does not deliver. All items must be picked up from the store after purchasing. The ReStore will store purchased items for up to five days to allow time to make arrangements for pickup.
The ReStore's Grand Openning was Saturday, June 1, 2013.

Volunteering at the ReStore

Volunteers are needed for:
  • Cashiers
  • General Workers
  • Drivers
Cashiers help customers purchase items at the ReStore. They greet customers, answer questions, take telephone messages, complete purchase transactions and keep the ReStore clean and organized.
General work volunteers help bring donated items into the ReStore receiving area. They clean and repair donated items and make them ready for sale. They bring items from the receiving area into the sales area and arrange items for sale to make room for new items.
A volunteer driver must attend a ReStore Truck Driving class and be able to handle a 26' box truck. The driver and crew pick up donated items and unload them at the ReStore.
All Community Service Volunteers must be pre-approved to volunteer at the ReStore. Please email: volunteer@habitatyorkcounty.org or call: 207-985-4850 for more information.
You can use our online VolunteerUp app or fill out an application at the ReStore.

Volunteering for a Build

You can use our online VolunteerUp app or fill out an application at the ReStore.
Everyone on the jobsite must be at least 16 years of age. Those under the age of 18 must keep their feet on the ground at all times (no roofs or ladders) and may not operate hazardous machines: saws, woodworking machines, wood chippers, etc. All minors under the age of 18 must arrive with a parent or guardian and complete a waiver signed by their parent or guardian.
We welcome ALL volunteers of ALL skill levels and we provide the training that you need! Be aware that construction is a physically demanding activity, and there are risks associated with it. Supervision and direction will be provided for each task.
Arrive at 8:00 in order to register. For safety reasons, we cannot allow anyone to come late. If you miss the safety talk, you may not be able to work on the site that day.
Habitat for Humanity York County will provide the hand tools and power tools you will be using. You may bring your own tool belt and hand tools if you like, but be sure to label them with your name. If you have your own safety goggles you may want to bring them as well. Also, be sure to bring your own personal comfort items - work gloves, sunscreen, bug screen, a hat, and layered clothing for weather changes. Please leave your valuables at home! There is no storage space at the site.
Whether the task is painting, landscaping or roofing, your clothes and shoes WILL get dirty, so please dress accordingly. You MUST wear sturdy closed-toe shoes. Sunscreen and a hat are also recommended. Also be aware that much of the work is outdoors, so dress appropriately for the weather, including wind, sun and/or fog. A rain jacket and layers work perfect for changeable weather conditions.
Plan to arrive no later than 8:00 a.m. to sign in and attend the morning circle, which begins promptly at 8:30 a.m. Attendance at the morning circle is required in order to volunteer for the day. We generally work until 4:15.
8:30-8:45 Volunteer sign in, orientation, safety overview & task assignments
8:45-12:00 Workday Tasks
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-3:45 Workday Tasks
3:45-4:15 Clean Up
Attendance is required at the 8:00 am morning circle, where we assign and explain the tasks for the day. If you are not able to arrive at that time, you are welcome to find a day that better fits your schedule.
Habitat does not provide lunch. It is recommended that you bring a sack lunch and any snacks or fruit that you would like. Habitat provides water at the work site. Occasionally, lunches are donated by individuals or church groups. You may also leave the worksite to purchase lunch.
All Community Service volunteers must be pre-approved to participate. Please contact volunteer@habitatyorkcounty.org or 207-985-4850.
No! Volunteers of all skill levels are welcome. We have skilled staff and volunteer leaders on site to explain and supervise each task. If you are not comfortable with a task, we can reassign you.
If you are scheduled to volunteer, please report to the job site regardless of weather conditions. Maine weather typically changes quickly, but we will release you from the jobsite if the weather gets too extreme for work. In the case of severe weather, the jobsite WILL be closed. Please follow all government restrictions and regulations.
Habitat for Humanity York County welcomes financial contributions, but it is not a requirement. However, we will graciously accept any donations you are willing to make.