ways to give

The number of homes we build relies entirely on the donations we receive. When you give to Habitat for Humanity York County, you help us buy the materials we need to build affordable, energy-efficient homes for and with low-income families.

York County has an affordable housing crisis. Now more than ever, your donation is critical in helping us close the gap for hard-working families across York County. Your company, congregation or individual cash donation is leveraged with volunteer labor and donated materials, ensuring that your contribution goes even further.

Please become a partner in our mission to provide more affordable housing by making a donation today.

A large portion of our funding comes from individual donors. From a nickel sent to us by a school child to a large gift from a major donor, each and every donation supports our efforts to build affordable housing for low-income families. Your tax deductible donation will help us provide local families with a springboard to a secure and stable future.

Celebration and Memorial Gifts

To make a donation in honor or memory of someone special, please complete the Tribute Form and return it to the above address.

Donate Now

Watching a house being built from the ground up for a family and knowing that your donation is physically in the foundation, the walls, the roof or the paint is so rewarding. Habitat is happy to accept sponsorship donations from manufacturers, businesses, developers, or individuals for use in our homes.

Your tax deductible donation of materials or professional services help offset our costs and allow us to put more funding towards building more homes. Call us if you would like more information or to make a donation.

A Gift In-Kind is a tax-deductible gift of materials, services and/or labor that has monetary value to Habitat for Humanity York County.

One of our biggest challenges is finding building lots for our projects. Our financial resources to purchase land are limited, so we rely upon gifts of land to assure the affordability of our Habitat homes. Donating land can also have many tax benefits.

If you are aware of any building lot, or parcel of land, in York County that may be available, including your own, that you might want to donate or sell for a great cause, please contact us at 207-985-4850.

If you don't have land, but would like to help us in our quest to purchase affordable lots as they become available, you can donate to our Land Initiative Fund. We are looking to the future and want to increase the number of homes we build for low-income families each year Donate now.

Donating a car is quick and easy. You may be eligible for a tax deduction if you itemize (consult the IRS or your tax advisor for details.)

Besides your used car, you can donate: trucks, RVs, motorcycles, construction equipment or other vehicles---running or not! All cars donated locally help Habitat for Humanity York County build houses!

It is quick and easy! Call 1-877-277-4344 today! or go to www.carsforhomes.org

Besides helping build a home for a family in York County, you are helping the environment.. Thirty percent of the cars donated to Habitat are recycled or sold for reusable parts. By recycling steel, less energy and natural resources are used which produces less carbon pollution. Taking an older, inefficient car off the road helps save gas and improves air quality.

Clean out your garage and help us build affordable housing in York County. The ReStore provides an environmentally and socially responsible way to keep good, reusable materials out of the waste stream. Local businesses, contractors and individuals can donate items to the ReStore.


The Kennebunk Habitat Restore sells donated new and reusable building materials, appliances, wooden furniture, tools, hardware, doors, windows, lighting, cabinets, plumbing supplies, flooring and much more.


The ReStore is located at 4 Industrial Drive, Kennebunk, Maine 04043.

Your donation will help to keep a family warm and safe in their home for this winter, and many more winters to come. Funds will help purchase materials for homes including LED bulbs, CO and smoke detectors, low flow faucet aerators, supplies to construct over 200 interior storm window inserts, and weatherization materials.



Donations will also help reduce energy costs. Reducing energy costs for families leaves more money for other necessities. Families are able to live more comfortably and are healthier, thus improving their lives, reducing stress and the strain on other community resources.

Area churches have the unique opportunity to “Adopt-A-Home” in York County to weatherize. Churches can adopt a home by donating or by signing up members to weatherize homes.

To sign up, send in our form or contact Habitat for Humanity York County at KYCW@habitatyorkcounty.org.

Keep York County Warm! accepts donations of new LED light bulbs, CO and Smoke detectors, and clear 3” packing tape. Our program also accepts weatherization materials, including: window kits, board insulation, unopened cans of spray foam, hair dryers, measuring tape, window and door weatherstripping (new), clear scotch tape, scissors, hacksaws, caulk, and caulk guns. To donate, drop by our ReStore during business hours with your materials and specify that they are for Habitat’s weatherization program!