home ownership

Habitat for Humanity helps make owning a home a reality for hard-working, low-income families in York County.

Habitat’s unique program partners with families to offer "a hand up, not a hand out".  We provide an opportunity for a family to own a simple, decent and affordable home with an affordable mortgage.


Need for Safe, Decent Housing

Applicants must have a demonstrated need for safe, decent and affordable housing. Some examples of need include, but are not limited to:

  • Living in overcrowded housing

  • Living in unsafe housing: structural problems, badly in need of repair, inadequate electrical or plumbing

  • Paying more than 30% of gross income on rent

Willingness to Partner

Every Habitat for Humanity homeowner is a partner in Habitat's mission. Homebuyers agree to the following partnership commitments:

  • Household willing to perform minimum of 400 Sweat Equity hours for two applicants, 200 hours for single applicant.  

  • Live or work York County

  • Completion of required homebuyer education course

  • Provide all application information in a timely manner

  • Pay monthly mortgage on time without default

  • Be respectful neighbors and community members

  • Maintain the home and property in good order and appearance

Ability to Pay

All Habitat for Humanity homeowners pay an affordable mortgage, which is recycled to support the creation of future Habitat homes.

  • Income: must be stable and fall between 30-60% of HUD Area Median Income.

  • Must have sufficient income to pay the mortgage (taxes, insurance, and maintenance fund) without becoming debt burdened

How To Apply

1: Applicant Information Meeting

All eligible candidates are encouraged to attend an Applicant Information meeting to learn how Habitat homeownership program works, including qualifications and partnership agreements, and complete a mortgage application.


2: Submit a completed Application

Submit a completed mortgage application with a Habitat staff member’s assistance. Submit all required documentation (Link to what to Bring) at the Family Application meeting.  

3 Application Review

The Family Selection Committee reviews all required documentation. Applicant criminal background, credit, employment and rental history are verified. Application income is calculated and credit report reviewed to assess debt and collections.

Applicants who meet the income guidelines and all criteria, will receive a letter moving them to Step 4 or an invitation to schedule a file review before moving to Step 4.

4. Home Visit

A home visit is schedule to determine the need for housing and willingness to Partner.

5. Final Committee Review


6. Recommendation and Board Review

The selected applicant’s information will be presented to the Board of Directors for final review and approval. If approved the applicant becomes a participant in the Habitat for Humanity Program.


Families not initially selected may reapply at other application meetings assuming conditions have improved. All information is considered confidential, and is to be used only for the purpose of selecting qualified families for homeownership.

HFHYC holds Applicant Information Meetings prior to beginning work on a new project. Check back here for updates and information about the next Applicant Information Meeting.