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$42,300  $48,360  $54,420  $60,420  $65,280   $70,140


Habitat is not accepting applications at this time
Check back for updates on when the next application cycle will begin

Become a Homeowner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Habitat homeowner. We believe that everyone should have a safe, affordable place to call home.

To carry out our vision, we partner with individuals and families from application through construction to when the keys are handed over. By working with Habitat from beginning to end, we can help prospective individuals prepare for the various responsibilities of homeownership, including learning about personal finances, mortgages, maintenance and upkeep of homes, and much more.

Habitat’s path to homeownership is an important and in-depth process, requiring hard work, time and dedication. But this helps to ensure the long-term success of Habitat homeowners.


Need for Safe, Decent Housing


Applicants must have a demonstrated need for safe, decent and affordable housing. Some examples of need include, but are not limited to:

  • Living in overcrowded housing

  • Living in unsafe housing: structural problems, badly in need of repair, inadequate electrical or plumbing

  • Paying more than 30% of gross income on rent

  • Unable to qualify for conventional mortgages on a market rate house

Ability to Pay


All Habitat for Humanity homeowners pay an affordable mortgage, which is recycled to support the creation of future Habitat homes.

Are you able and willing to make regular mortgage payments on your new home?

Take a look at our income requirements based on the number of people in the household below.

The amount shown is the maximum household income limit. The minimum annual income is $30,000.







$30,000  $30,000  $30,000  $30,200  $32,650  $35,050

Minimum Income Requirements

Maximum Income Requirements







$42,300  $48,360  $54,420  $60,420  $65,280 $70,140

Willingness to Partner


Every Habitat homeowner is a partner in Habitat's mission. Homebuyers agree to the following partnership commitments:

  • Household willing to perform minimum of 400 Sweat Equity hours for two applicants, 200 hours for single applicant.  

  • Completion of required homebuyer education course

  • Provide all application information in a timely manner

  • Pay monthly mortgage on time without default

  • Be respectful neighbors and community members

  • Maintain the home and property in good order and appearance

  • Participate in Habitat events and media requests

Application Process


Applicant Information Meeting

All eligible candidates are encouraged to attend an Applicant Information meeting to learn how Habitat homeownership program works, including qualifications and partnership agreements, and complete a mortgage application.


Submit a Completed Application

Submit a completed mortgage application with a Habitat staff member's assistance. Submit all required documentation at the Family Application Meeting.


Application Review

The Family Selection Committee reviews all required documentation.

Applicants who meet the income guidelines and all criteria, will receive a letter moving them to Step 4 or an invitation to schedule a file review before moving to Step 4.


Home Visit

A home visit is schedule to determine the need for housing and willingness to partner with Habitat


Final Committee Review


Recommendation and Board Review

The selected applicant's information will be presented to the Board of Directors for final review and approval. If approved the applicant becomes a Partner Family.

Families not initially selected may reapply at other application meetings assuming conditions have improved. All information is considered confidential, and is to be used only for the purpose of selecting qualified families for homeownership.

If your household qualifies for a Habitat home after the application review, Habitat will ask for a minimal fee to run a credit report for the head(s) of household

Required Items for Application

Please bring copies of all items to your application meeting
Proof of Employment Income

Pay Stubs, etc

Proof of all Other Income Sources

Letters granting AFDC, or other assistance, Social Security, alimony, child support. You may be asked to provide proof that other income will continue for a period of at least three (3) years

Proof of Rental Payment

Proof that you have paid your rent on time for the last 6 months. Rent receipts or cancelled checks, etc

Proof of Rental History

A copy of your most recent lease, including the name, address, & contact information for your Landlord

Bank Records

Current saving and checking account statements. All Pages

Personal References

Reference Name, Address, Email address & Phone Numbers: friend, neighbor, church, community organization, etc

Copies of Monthly Bills

Electric, Heating, Water, etc

Income Tax Forms

Federal Income tax and Maine Income tax return forms for last two years


If you have any questions please email or call us at 985-4850

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