ReStore Managers
Robert Haskell

ReStore Assistant Manager
Spenser McCloud

Operation Assistant
Allen Foster

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ReStore Hours
Wednesday -Saturday
9 AM to 5 PM
Donation Hours
9AM to 4 PM

4 Industrial Drive
Kennebunk, Maine



Got reusable stuff? We Want it!

Clean out your garage and help us build affordable housing in York County. The ReStore provides an environmentally and socially responsible way to keep good, reusable materials out of the waste stream. Local businesses, contractors and individuals can donate items to the ReStore.

Here's How It Works:
  1. First see our acceptable items list (also includes items not accepted)
    Due to overstock, bedframes and chairs are not accepted until further notice. Matching set of four or more chairs are accetable
  2. Call (207) 502-7021 for questions or to pre-approve your donation
  3. Bring your donation to the DONATION DOOR behind the ReStore, 4 Industrial Drive, Kennebunk. Donations are accepted Wednesday through Saturday between 9 am and 4 pm. Please do not leave items outside of the ReStore building during non-business hours.
  4. Request a pick-up for items that meet our donation guidelines and won't fit in your vehicle. All pick-ups are at the discretion of the ReStore manager and must be pre-approved.

If you are remodeling, talk to your contractor about carefully removing easily accessible items from your home, such as: cabinetry, vanities, sinks, appliances, lighting fixtures, bathtubs, crown and base molding, interior and exterior doors, windows and wood and metal furniture. Schedule a pick-up and get a tax donation receipt.

Tearing down your home
Call us to schedule a walk-through to see if we can salvage materials from your home. For more information, click here.

Dumping is against the law
Please do not dump items behind the ReStore. It is against the law and it costs Habitat for Humanity money to properly dispose of dumped items. Surveillance of the area has been increased and violators will be prosecuted.