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A letter from our Executive Director

Dear Friends,


As the world continues to struggle with the public health crisis and the economic impact of COVID-19, the importance of a place to call home has never been more pronounced. Many families find themselves homeless or struggling to pay their rent or mortgage due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


By supporting Habitat for Humanity of York County’s mission, you are taking concrete action to address today’s global housing crisis. Your partnership makes it possible for people to escape unstable living conditions and move into safe, affordable homes that they have built for themselves alongside Habitat volunteers.


When a family lives in substandard conditions, sheltering in place only increases feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. The uncertainly that so many of us feel today, these families have felt for a lifetime – if not generations.


When you support HFHYC, you help families who are our neighbors in York County, families who often times represent the front-line workers who are fulfilling essential duties in this crisis. They are making sure we can get groceries, delivering packages, preparing food, and working in hospitals.


Your generosity is vital to the families that we serve and will help Habitat for Humanity of York County remain a critical force in helping families establish a solid foundation on which to build a brighter future.


Habitat is needed now more than ever, and more than ever we need you.


Thank you,

Amy Nucci

$7 Celebrating 7 Years of the ReStore

$35 Celebrating Habitat's 35 Years

$125 for 125 Storm Window Inserts

$238 for 238 tons of materials

 kept out of landfills

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