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Habitat for Humanity built two affordable homes
in Cape Porpoise in 2022 and 2023

The second home was completed in February 2023. You can watch the home dedication ceremony on YouTube. 

Photos from the first home dedication


Meet The Partner Families For The Two Cape Porpoise Homes
Brooke will be purchasing the second Cape Porpoise home for herself and her two daughters

Meet Brooke


Habitat for Humanity York County Maine Partner Family

I am honored to be chosen by Habitat for Humanity as their new homeowner in Cape Porpoise. Becoming a homeowner always seemed out of reach for my family. As a single mom of two girls, we have always tried to make the best out of our circumstances.

Five years ago, I was eight months pregnant with my youngest when I was suddenly abandoned leaving me a single parent. Even the cancer I had just a year prior, felt minor to this. Faith and strength arose in me that I never knew before. While I’ve had my share of setbacks, God always brought me through them, along with my family and friends. I went back to school, finished my bachelor’s degree in education, and now I work from home doing educational data analysis. We currently live in a crowded apartment in Biddeford that needs repairs. Our rent has gone up 50% in the last year alone. I felt stuck here and did not see any way to obtain safe and affordable housing. We have gone through seven years of life in this apartment, but it is finally time to move on!

When Habitat for Humanity told us the news that we were selected as the partner family, I was immediately overwhelmed with excitement, gratitude, and tears of joy. My oldest jumped into my arms and yelled “We’re getting a house!” My youngest realized her dreams of getting a dog will be able to come true. It is a true miracle to have a place of our own and to become a part of a beautiful coastal Maine community. This home is more than a physical place to live, it is a fresh start in our lives.

Meet Derek & Alicia


Derek and Alicia will be purchasing the first Cape Porpoise home for themselves and their two sons
Habitat for Humanity York County Maine Partner Family for an affordable homeownership opoportunity

The moment my wife and I found out Habitat for Humanity was going to build in Cape Porpoise it brought tears to our eyes. I have worked in Kennebunkport for 14 years and we have fallen in love with the town. We couldn't believe there might be a possibility for us to move there.


After 3 tours in the Middle East with the 82nd Airborne Division I honorably discharged from the Army in 2005 and started working in Kennebunkport the following year. Unfortunately settling in the area has always been out of reach for us. My oldest son requires many living space based health considerations that we have not been able to fully accommodate with move in ready conditions. Constantly evolving health complications have caused us to live in fear and need to relocate to different towns and school systems numerous times, never being able to settle or establish a community.

 Being selected by Habitat for Humanity has brought our family hope and is the miracle we have needed to set our life on a safe and positive course. Partnering on this new construction will allow us to have the attention to detail necessary to accommodate our family's needs that would not be attainable for us otherwise. This partnership will allow us to begin long term relationships and establish the community our family has been missing. We are excited to volunteer with Habitat for years to come. We are overwhelmed with relief, happiness, and gratitude. We could never begin to express what this opportunity means to us.

Learn more about the partnerships that help bring renewable energy to the Cape Porpoise home

Contact us with any questions: or 207-985-4850
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