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The world is full of so many inspiring women, who make a difference in the lives of others everyday!  Read about the inspirational women who have impacted the lives of Habitat supporters
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Jean Saunders

Age Friendly Saco

I believe being a leader means understanding the needs of the community and finding ways to address those needs by involving community volunteers in helping to find the solutions and be part of the solution.  Giving people a sense of purpose is essential for people to feel engaged and making a difference.

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Tiffany Lathrop

Daily Sweat, Owner

Being a business owner means being the mama bear to my team. I care deeply for every single one of them and their families, I feel responsible to give them a safe and happy place to work and I am committed to helping them grow and achieve their goals. I love watching people grow as teachers. I love teaching them what has taken me over a decade to learn and I love being part of them fall in love with their job. 

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Lisa Mills

Lisa Mills Music

Seeing the joy on people's faces as they listen to my music- how it transports them to a different time and brings back wonderful heartfelt memories.  Just like our bodies need food and energy to thrive in this world, music acts as food for the soul rejuvenating it, filling it with energy and vitality. Music is fun, relaxing, motivating and energizing. Practicing with the bands over the years has been nearly as fun as a live gig.  The comradeship with the fellow musicians is a complete blast.  We challenge and hold each other accountable to be the best we can be.  Deep friendships are formed by the mutual love for music. 

Photo Courtesy of Bob Dennis, Port Images
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My mom wrote a book this year and I couldn't be more proud of her! You inspire me everyday, thank you for your continuous support. Your thoughtfulness impacts everyone your encounter.