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Saco Build

Habitat is excited to have partnered with Hancock Lumber on the Saco build. Hancock generously donated 100% of the building materials for build!

Central Appliance
Jim Godbout
KW Architects
Ken Gardner
Infiltrator Water Technologies

The Build Sponsors

Hancock Lumber
City of Saco
Town and Country Credit Union
Saco Biddeford Savings

In Kind Sponsors

Meet the Saco Partner Family


Listen to what becoming a homeowner means to Sarah

Check out the interior of the Saco home

Photos courtesy of Molly Breton & Co.

"When I applied for the Saco Habitat for Humanity House, I was a disabled, newly-single mother of  young children and trying to navigate my own complex health conditions in addition to those of my children with special needs. I was facing the impending loss of our home and grappling with the reality that I may not be able to keep a roof over my children’s heads. The realization that I was unable to provide for their most basic needs on my own was heart-shattering.  


The complex and varying needs of my children require support outside of what I can solely offer. I have spent years establishing these intricate networks of support that have enabled my children to function, to grow, and to thrive. Losing our home and the roots we have woven through our community would have cut my children off from every single support and lifeline that is helping our family and teaching my children to live and thrive in a world that is not designed for them. 


I took a humble leap of faith and applied to be the partner family for the Saco Habitat for Humanity House. Habitat for Humanity has the ability to provide my family with the support and safety that I cannot attain on my own. I am limited and heartbroken that my children are being affected by what I cannot do alone. It takes a village and I am willing to do anything necessary to ensure my children have theirs. We are surviving, largely in part due to the generosity of our surrounding community and the leg-up this home has gifted us during our most desperate of times. I am able to work towards getting us back onto our own solid ground and we have the hope of healing and a future again. Words fail to capture the immensity of our gratitude.” 


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